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Thailand work permit rules, regulations and laws are here. You may enjoy reading our useful information here, but we recommend letting some experts like us help you apply for, transition or cancel your work permit in Thailand for you.

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TESTIMONIALS provides hassle free and reliable work permit services. We have been using their services for both new work permits and renewals and they have provided a very professional service.

– Vasuki, CEO, Probatus Co., Ltd.

At Handy International, we have been using Thai Lawyers Ltd. for our company’s work permits over 10 years. They have always been reliable and competent in their services. We are very happy to recommend them to our friends.

– Jay Ivancic, Regional Director – Asia, Handy International

We highly recommend Thai Lawyers Ltd. to foreigners wanting to do business in Thailand. They helped set up our company and factory and have been taking care of our work permits and accounting for 8 years now.

– Raimondas Lankas, CEO, RLC Reclycling Ltd.

Thai Lawyers Ltd. is fantastic. They always remind us in advance of the deadline, help to deal with the Thai government agencies and win. The speed of their response and consultation is surprising – 24 hours and you know everything!

– Evgeniy Zhukovets, CEO, Trizeri Ltd.

I would like to personally thank Natasha and her team at Thai Lawyers Ltd. for the services and guidance related to successfully securing my work permit and visa. The team is knowledgeable, courteous and professional in handling all matters related to the processing. I would highly recommend this firm for the promptness and delivery of service.

Anup Paul Thomas, Project Manager, Homatic Ltd.

We used Thai Lawyers Ltd to set up our BOI company and get my work permit. They are very responsive and the management is hands-on. We always get timely advice and great consultation. Highly recommended!

– Guillaume Charron, CEO, Windmaker Services Co., Ltd.

I highly recommend Natasha and her team at MSNA Group / Thai Lawyers Ltd. for their professionalism and diligence. Natasha is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in her field and she was able to successfully obtain several work permits for my team in a timely manner.

– David, Director, LYVE Co., Ltd.

Whether for visa, work permits, financial bookkeeping, or just general legal advice MSNA Group and Thai Lawyers Ltd. have always been prompt and professional. They have a large number of English speaking people ready to assist. If my usual person is not available there is always a more than adequately qualified alternative who makes themselves available to assist.

– Ray Russell, Part Owner of Simply Sports Group.

Thailand Work permit

Whether you are interested in just getting Thailand work permit or setting up a new business, we will make it happen for you at very reasonable costs. We have a great team working with foreigners as a one-stop shop, from registering a company, getting foreign business license, work permit, work visa to accounting, audit and tax compliance.

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Transition a Work Permit from a Regular Company to BOI

Changing word impossible into its possible. Wooden dice with text on table. Copy space How to transition a work permit from a regular company to BOI company? When you are moving from a non-BOI employer and transferring a work permit to another company which is also non-BOI, you will have to leave Thailand and get a new non-immigrant B visa. Then come back in to the country to start processing your new work permit with a regular company. However, it is much easier if your new job is at a BOI promoted company. For you to transition a work permit from a regular company to BOI one is a bit complicated even though you do not have to leave the...
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Transferring Work Permits From a BOI Company to Another

Jigsaw puzzle pieces with word change on grey background We have clients having trouble transferring work permits from a BOI company to another all the time. You think the HR in both companies know what they are doing. The truth is your old employer’s HR usually does not care about your transition. You are leaving their company and it is your business how you do transferring work permits from a BOI company to another correctly. Read below, the steps of transferring work permits from a BOI company to another BOI company. Better yet, contact our experts at to handle it for you hassle-free. However, you need to make sure you have at least 1 month left in your current...
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Transferring a Work Permit to Another Company

When expats are moving jobs in Thailand, they must plan for transferring a work permit to another company. First scenario is transferring from a normal Thai limited company to another. Second is transition a work permit from a regular company to BOI promoted company. Third is BOI promoted company’s employee transferring work permits from a BOI company to another BOI one. Last but not least, a BOI work permit holder changing job to non BOI company. This part will talk about transferring a work permit to another company when both old and new employers are normal Thai limited companies. The process is not an issue. The old employer just needs to cancel your old work permit and your new employer...
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Thailand Work Permit with a BOI Company

Foreigners need to have Thailand work permit with a BOI company that they work for. Board of Investment promotes many types of business. One of the incentives the BOI offer to woo foreign investors to set up their new business here is granting Thailand work permit for their expat employees without the usual Baht 2M capital and 4 Thai employees per expat ratio applied with non-BOI companies. Here are the steps to get Thailand work permit with a BOI company: Step 1. Apply for positions of foreign skilled workers and experts with the BOI This step is to inform the BOI of the objective and necessity of the company giving Thailand work permit to foreign skilled workers and experts. The...
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Work Permit

Hire foreigners without Thailand work permit

Hiring foreigners without giving them work permit is illegal. Businesses looking to hire foreigners without Thailand work permit need to read this. You will be violating the Alien Working Act. You will be hiring illegal workers. Employers hiring expats have to sponsor their work permits. If you are a Thai limited company, you need to have Baht 2M registered and paid up capital for each Thailand work permit you sponsor. Also you need to have 4 Thai employees for each expat employee you have. Working of Alien Act, B.E. 2551 (2008) stipulates a fine from Baht 10,000 to 100,000 if the employers hire foreigners without Thailand work permits. The fine is per illegal employee. However, if the expat has a...
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Work Permit

Jobs forbidden to foreigners

Not all foreigners can do any jobs they want in Thailand. Auction sales is a job prohibited to foreigners. From 1 June 2020, the jobs forbidden to foreigners in Thailand are group in 3 lists: List 1 contains the Jobs forbidden to foreigners and reserved for Thai nationals only. Some of the jobs that many expats want to do in Thailand are brokerage or agency, clerical or secretarial work and legal services. These are strictly the jobs forbidden to foreigners and they will never be able to get a work permit for. Some exception: Foreigners can be approved to get a work permit providing legal services in arbitration works or work relating to assisting or representing in the cases at...
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Work in any jobs with one work permit
Work Permit

Work in any jobs with one work permit

Can Thailand work permit holders work in any jobs with one work permit? Yes and No. They may face a fine of up to THB 20,000.
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