Work in any jobs with one work permit

We have many clients who we help to get work permits ask if they can work in any jobs with one work permit?” The answer is NO. Some think that they can work anywhere in any jobs now that they have one. You may work in any jobs with one work permit if your second, third, fourth, … employers are added into it. That is very difficult to find. If you can get all your other employers to hire you officially too, good for you. So we choose to say no, you cannot work in any jobs with one work permit.

When an employing company applies for a work permit on behalf of their expat employee, they have to fill in the job description and the province where the work permit holder will be working. Normally the province must be the same as the registered address of the employer. For example, if the employer company is registered in Bangkok, then the expat with a work permit will be working only in Bangkok. However, if the employer has branches in different provinces, the work permit will have to specify the provinces where the expat will be working.

What happens if you have a Thailand work permit sponsored by one employer and you are caught working for others, or in a job or provinces other than what are specified in your work permit? You can face a fine of up to Baht 20,000 as prescribed by Section 52 of Working of Alien Act, B.E. 2551 (2008).

A very important thing to remind Thailand work permit holders: please always carry your work permit with you during work or in the place where you work so you are able to show it to any competent officers. If you cannot show it to them, you could face a fine of not more than Baht 10,000 per section 53 of Working of Alien Act, B.E. 2551 (2008).

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