BOI Work Permit for a Content Marketing Manager

When you apply for a work permit with a BOI company as a Content Marketing Manager, you will need to give a brief description of the duty and responsibilities of a Content Marketing Manager to the BOI single window system. The responsibilities are something like:

  1. Develop a content strategy for the projects and ensure the implementation of the strategy.
  2. Manage the daily activities of the project’s content team composed of writers, graphic designers, videographers, and other professionals.
  3. Help drive all marketing initiatives for the project and make sure the project’s priorities and most important news are always being covered and promoted.

The BOI officer will most likely need to see the evidence showing you have at least 5 years’ experience in the field of content marketing manager. However, if you have a Bachelor’s Degree in Writing, Creative Writing, English, Journalism, Mass Communication and Media Studies, or Marketing, it is usually accepted by the BOI officer. Then you will be required to show only 2 years of experience in the same role/responsibilities instead.

In apply for a work permit of a Content Marketing Manager, you will need to submit and training plan to the BOI – what you think you will train the company’s Thai employees. Here are some examples of the topics of training plan:

  • The goal of the training plan for this role is to teach team members how to use brand messaging, technical information, and business goals in content to effectively market a product in order to move target markets into a sales funnel.
  • Understanding the brand – Help the team members understand the importance of the brand, the brand message, and provide tips on how to execute brand message in content/copy
  • Developing a Content Strategy for emerging technologies – Expose team members to the process of creating a content strategy that aligns with the mission, vision, brand, and business goals of the company
  • Building an Editorial Calendar suitable for a global market – Teach employees how to curate an editorial calendar that fits within the content strategy and a global audience
  • Digital Editorial Process – Help employees understand the editorial/content flow process. Establish roles and create organization, as part of quality assurance.
  • Introduction to co-working applications, collaborative software, online workspaces – Teach team members how to use, organize, and collaborate using workspace software.
  • Project / content brief creation (technical updates, whitepapers, research) – Help team members create effective briefs for writers and creatives in the team
  • Basic SEO strategies for innovative technology – Creating digital strategies to capture target markets online

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