Definition of Clerical or Secretarial Job prohibited for Foreigners

As per notification of the Ministry of Labour, clerical or secretarial job is prohibited for foreigners in Thailand. In this article, we define the scope of clerical and secretarial job for better understanding.

Clerical job means any work involving shorthand writing, typing, teletyping, punching cards, tape punching, receiving and paying money, collecting money, computation of production costs, computation of wages and working hours, factotum (personal assistant), dispatch carrier, answering phone calls, taking in or sending out things, overseeing stock of goods, warehouse inventory, weighing, letter correspondence, accounting, general administration, receiving and sending documents and personnel, insurance, public relations, reception, booking travel tickets, library, filing documents, statistics, survey, enumeration, editing and coding, proofreading, printing, photocopying, copying documents, addressing documents and other jobs in the role of clerks or staff in the clerical level as determined by the employer.

On the other hand, secretarial job means any work involving recording of statements, reports or accounts with shorthand, typing accounts from notes written in shorthand or from a dictation recorder, making appointments for the superior and reminding the superior when an appointment is due, welcoming those who come to meet the superior, inquiring, answering questions and making contact via telephone, presenting personal and important letters and mails as well as letters and documents from various departments sent to the superior, drafting correspondence letters, filing documents as well as supervising staff and other tasks as assigned by the superior.

Whether it’s a clerical or secretarial work, foreigners should be aware that such work is available for Thai nationals only. But the good news is, there are other job positions that can be allowed to foreigners. Consult with English-speaking Thai Lawyers and make the proper application for a ThailandWorkPermit and visa.

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