Documents for BOI Work Permit

Regarding the documents for BOI work permit processing, we would like to start by assuming that your new employer is a BOI company and they already asked the BOI to approve your new position.

If we are engaged to process a BOI work permit, here is what we will do. Once we have got the position approved by the BOI, we will prepare a visa package for the expat to take to a Thai embassy overseas to apply for his Non-immigrant B visa. Here is what we need from the expat;

1. Passport copy – Bio data page only

2. The address of the Thai embassy the expat plans to go apply for his visa (so that we can prepare a cover letter for the embassy)

Once the expat gets the visa package by email from us, he should try to fill out the visa form of the Thai embassy/consulate where he wants to apply for his visa, which should be online. The expat may have questions while filling out the form, which he can always ask us. 

Importantly, he will be asked to upload WP3 certificate issued by the Thai Labour Ministry. He needs not worry about it, but he will upload our visa package instead, which has all the documents that show that we are a BOI company and we have a letter from the BOI, thus we do not need to have WP3 certificate for the expat.

After he follows all the rules of entering Thailand (getting COE certificate of entry, etc during the COVID19 time) and he gets into Thailand, he should make sure the Immigration officer writes on his entry stamp “Non B”. This is because very often the immigration officer does not look for the visa sticker page and assumes that the expat is entering without a visa.

Now after he gets into Thailand, we will need him to send us the following documents for BOI work permit processing:

1. Copy of passport (Bio page, visa sticker page, last entry page and departure card)
2. Photo (in business attire) in jpg. format
3. Copy of your highest education degree (Bachelor’s degree, etc or high school diploma) – If it is not in English, we need a translation attached to it too.
4. Work experience certificate or letter from your ex-employer(s) – to show you have at least 2 – 5 years of experience in the same field as your position approved by the BOI. If your degree is directly related to the position, you need 2 years’ experience. If your degree is not related, you need to have 5 years’ experience.
5. Address in Thailand, Phone number and Email address
6. Work permit cancellation letter from Labor Department (If any)
7. 90 days report (if any)
8. Copy of old work permit (If any)

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