Hire foreigners without Thailand work permit

Hiring foreigners without giving them work permit is illegal.

Businesses looking to hire foreigners without Thailand work permit need to read this. You will be violating the Alien Working Act. You will be hiring illegal workers. Employers hiring expats have to sponsor their work permits. If you are a Thai limited company, you need to have Baht 2M registered and paid up capital for each Thailand work permit you sponsor. Also you need to have 4 Thai employees for each expat employee you have.

Working of Alien Act, B.E. 2551 (2008) stipulates a fine from Baht 10,000 to 100,000 if the employers hire foreigners without Thailand work permits. The fine is per illegal employee. However, if the expat has a work permit but your company is not listed as the employer, the fine is not more than Baht 10,000.

As an employer, you will file the application for a work permit for your foreign employee. You need to give a brief explanation of the job description for the position you are hiring him for. The area for his work will be the province where your company’s registered address is.  Note that a Thailand work permit holder can do the work, and work in the area, as listed in his work permit only. If you make your expat employee do other work or in the areas not listed, you may face a fine of up to Baht 10,000.

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