Prohibited Diseases in Getting a Thai Work Permit

In accordance to the Foreigners’ Working Management Emergency Decree, a foreigner who will work under a regular or non-BOI companies needs to get a medical certificate for work permit from a qualified hospital or medical clinic in Thailand before they can get or have it renewed. This medical certificate must certify that the applicant does not have mental illness and six prohibited conditions and diseases as follows:

  1. Leprosy
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Drug Addiction
  4. Alcoholism
  5. Elephantiasis
  6. 3rd stage of Syphilis

What if the applicant was diagnosed as an HIV positive?

There are no restrictions or regulations that prohibits HIV patients from living and working in Thailand. If he is qualified for the job, he can apply for a work permit provided that his medical certificate does not show any of the abovementioned illnesses, conditions and diseases.

In the case of working with a BOI promoted company, a foreigner is no longer required to obtain a medical certificate before he can obtain Thailand work permit.

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