Thailand Representative Office – Work Permit

For foreigners working for Thailand representative office, work permit rules are a little different. Normally if your employer is a Thai limited company, the company must have at least a registered and paid-up capital of Baht 2M and 4 Thai employees for each expat. The ratios are cut by half if the expat is married to a Thai national. For Thailand representative office, work permit of its expat manager needs 1 Thai employee only. So if it needs to sponsor 2 work permits, then it needs to hire 2 Thais. Sounds much better, right?

How about the capital? Thailand Foreign Business Law does not require foreign companies to get a permit or license to set up their representative office in Thailand. (However, there are forms to submit to the Department of Business Development in order to get some kind of document stating that you are a representative office.) Therefore, registered and paid-up capital do not apply to Thailand representative office work permit application. You just need to show the bank transfers enough for the operating expenses of the office.

One might think that if he just opens a Thailand representative office – work permit will come easy. Not all kinds of business activities can be operated through such form. Thailand has its foreign business law which divides business activities into 3 categories or lists. However, if your activities do not involve earning or generating incomes, then you may be able to set one up. See the characteristics and scope of activities that are eligible for a representative office here.

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