Thailand Urgent Work Permit (UWP)

Normally, a Thailand Work Permit is issued to foreign employees for a one-year period or less depending on the official’s consideration. In the case of foreign employees of BOI companies, work permits may be valid up to 2 years depending on a few factors. But what if the company would just want to hire a foreign national for a few days? In this article, we discuss about the urgent work permit.

Urgent work permit or UWP can be granted in certain situations when a foreign expert or consultant is required to come and provide a service to a company in Thailand for specific matter for not more than 15 business days. The job nature must require an immediate attention that will cause damage to the company or business if not rendered. However, urgent work permit cannot be extended.

A UWP holder must leave Thailand once the work is completed and must not do any attempt to apply for a regular work permit. If it is proven that the UWP holder has tried to change the work permit type, he can be charged of giving false information to the authorities. Hence, if the UWP holder wants to obtain a new UWP, he must wait for 45 days from the last day that the first UWP was valid.

Urgent work permit application process takes 3 working days and can only start once the applicant has entered Thailand. UWP will only be issued for a maximum of 15 days period.

In applying for a UWP, the applicant can come to Thailand with any type of Thailand visa except the 60-day Tourist Visa obtained from a Royal Thai Embassy overseas or a 15-day Visa on Arrival available at Thailand’s international airports because these visas are granted with the stamp “Employment is prohibited”.

An urgent work permit application is to be submitted at the Foreign Workers Administration Office for business located in Bangkok. For business located in other provinces, you can contact the Provincial Employment Office in the province that the company is located.

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