Thailand Work Permit with a BOI Company

Foreigners need to have Thailand work permit with a BOI company that they work for. Board of Investment promotes many types of business. One of the incentives the BOI offer to woo foreign investors to set up their new business here is granting Thailand work permit for their expat employees without the usual Baht 2M capital and 4 Thai employees per expat ratio applied with non-BOI companies.

Here are the steps to get Thailand work permit with a BOI company:

Step 1. Apply for positions of foreign skilled workers and experts with the BOI

This step is to inform the BOI of the objective and necessity of the company giving Thailand work permit to foreign skilled workers and experts. The BOI company will upload required documents as well as provide position details namely, position title, scope of work, qualification for the position and work duration.   

Step 2. Request an invitation letter from the BOI for the expat employee

This letter and the BOI company’s documents are required for the expat employee to get a Non-Immigrant “B” visa from a Thai embassy overseas so he can get Thailand work permit later.

Step 3. Apply for the placement of the foreign skilled worker or expert in the approved position

When the expat enters Thailand with his Non-Immigrant “B” visa, he gets a permit to stay in Thailand for 90 days. The BOI company will have to submit copies of his passport, education degree, work experience certification, and resume so that the BOI can issue his Thailand work permit once it has approved the person for the position applied for.

Step 4. Pick up the work permit

The expat employee picks up his Thailand work permit from the BOI One Stop Service Center.

Step 5. Extend permit of stay

On the same day as step 4, the expat can extend his Permit of Stay by 1-2 years, depending on his position and type of business of the BOI company that is the employer. Meet us, your Thailand work permit specialist today. We offer different solutions for our clients’ unique cases

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