Thailand Work Permit With an Education Visa

Foreigners wonder if they can get Thailand work permit with an education visa.  This type of visa is issued to applicants who wish to study or do internship in Thailand. It is Non-Immigrant Visa Category “ED”. Thailand work permit with an education visa is not allowed. How will you get a work permit if you are already in Thailand on that visa?

Work permits are issued to people who have a non-immigrant “B” visa. What to do if you get a job when you are in the country with other kinds of visa? For some types of visa, you may read here for how to change your visa to Non-B to work in Thailand. For Non-ED type visa holders, you will have to leave and apply for the Non-immigrant B visa at a Thai embassy or consulate with the visa package that your employer should prepare for you.  

Your employer will apply for your work permit approval with form Tor Tor 3 at the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labour. This is important that the application must be submitted when you are not in Thailand. It takes 3-5 working days for the Labour officer to approve it. Then your employer will have to pick up the Tor Tor 3 and attach it with their company’s documents, audited financial statements, VAT registration certificate and VAT returns. It will take a few days for the international courier to reach you. Then you submit the package to the Thai embassy in your country. They will take a few days to approve your visa.

Once you get the non-immigrant B visa, you can come to Thailand. Your employer will need to submit your passport copy, medical certificate and pictures to the Department of Employment so that they will print your Work Permit book. This concludes that Thailand work permit with an education Visa is no doable. Talk to ThaiLawyers, a company in MSNA group, if you have any questions.

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