Transferring a Work Permit to Another Company

When expats are moving jobs in Thailand, they must plan for transferring a work permit to another company. First scenario is transferring from a normal Thai limited company to another. Second is transition a work permit from a regular company to BOI promoted company. Third is BOI promoted company’s employee transferring work permits from a BOI company to another BOI one. Last but not least, a BOI work permit holder changing job to non BOI company.

This part will talk about transferring a work permit to another company when both old and new employers are normal Thai limited companies. The process is not an issue. The old employer just needs to cancel your old work permit and your new employer should get you your new work permit. However, the visa is the problem.

The rule of thumb is when you leave your old job, the long-term visa that you have is gone. The immigration extended your non-immigrant B visa based on the fact that you were working with your old employer. If you have a new job, you will need to go out of Thailand to apply for a new non-immigrant B visa.

Step 1. Your old employer has to cancel your long-term visa and you will have to leave the country the same day or you will pay for overstay fine.

Step 2. Preferably, the next day, your new employer should submit the work permit application form (Tor Tor 3) on your behalf so the Labour Ministry will issue a work permit approval letter within 3-5 days (This step can be done while you are outside Thailand).

Step 3. The new employer sends the work permit approval letter and their company’s documents to you overseas so you can apply for a new Non-immigrant B visa. This can take 3-15 days depending on the courier service. And you need to know if people of your nationality must apply for Thai visas in their home country or they can just go to Laos or other neighboring countries. You may need to book the visa appointment in advance because some Thai embassies are loaded with visa applications and only take online appointments.

Step 4. You, the expat, come back to Thailand using the new non-immigrant B visa.

Step 5. The new employer submits the expat’s medical certificate, pictures and passport copies to the Work Permit section of the Labour Ministry

Step 6. You pick up your new work permit.

Step 7. The new employer and you will go to the immigration office to extend your visa to one year.

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