Urgent Works That Can Be Granted Urgent Work Permits

In our previous article, we talked about the Thailand Urgent Work Permit. This UWP can be granted in certain situations when a foreign expert or consultant is required to come and provide a service to a company in Thailand for specific matter for not more than 15 business days.

As prescribed by the Department of Employment, Thailand UWP can also be granted to necessary or ad-hoc works as follows:

  1. Organizing or setting up conferences, trainings, seminars, exhibitions or trade fairs
  2. Conducting special academic lectures
  3. Aviation superintendent
  4. Occasional internal audit
  5. Follow-up and resolve technical issue
  6. Quality control of products, goods or products, goods quality inspection
  7. Inspection or improvement of production process
  8. Machinery and electric generator equipment system inspection or maintenance
  9. Machinery maintenance and installation
  10. Electric train technician
  11. Aircraft or aircraft equipment system technician
  12. Consulting work on machinery maintenance or machinery control system
  13. Machinery demonstration and testing
  14. Movie filming and slide photographing
  15. Recruitment of job seeker for overseas job placement
  16. Technical skill testing for overseas job placement

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