What Happens When a Foreigner Overstayed His Visa in Thailand?

For whatever reason and a foreigner was not able to extend his/her permit of stay in Thailand in time, he has already overstayed his visa and he will have to pay a penalty and in worst case, he may be put in a Thai Immigration cell before the officers deport him from Thailand. This is in accordance with the Immigration Act, B.E 2522 whereas the Immigration Bureau regulates the penalties for violators.

The penalty for overstaying a visa in Thailand is THB 500 per day or maximum penalty of THB 20,000 even if the foreigner overstayed more than 40 days. Hence, when he is leaving Thailand after he has overstayed his visa, he will have to pay for the fine and he will face the possibility of being blacklisted to enter Thailand again.

If the foreigner surrenders himself and acknowledges the mistake, he will be banned from coming back to Thailand as below:

  • Overstay for more than 90 days, banned for 1 year
  • Overstay for more than 1 year , banned for 3 years
  • Overstay for more than 3 years, banned for 5 years
  • Overstay for more than 5 years, banned for 10 years

However, if the foreigner gets caught overstaying, he will be banned as below:

  • Overstay for less than 1 year, banned for 5 years
  • Overstay for more than 1 year, banned for 10 years

It is the foreigner’s duty to be mindful of his permit of stay in Thailand. Because of the consequences and penalties imposed to those who overstays, one must resolve his overstay issues as soon as possible. Consult with the professionals like ThaiLawyers for the possible solutions. Make sure you don’t miss the validity of your Thailand WorkPermit and visa.

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