When an Expat Could Not Come Back to Extend His Thailand Work Permit

In normal circumstances, when an expat holding an extended non-B visa with validity longer than his work permit travelled out of Thailand but was not able to come back to extend his work permit before the deadline, his visa should already have expired at the same time his work permit expired. When he comes back to Thailand with his re-entry permit, the Immigration Officer will let him enter. The officer would not know that the visa has already expired. In this case, the expat needs to take his passport to the Immigration Office where he had his visa extended before in order to cancel its validity because the work permit has already expired. Then he will need to leave Thailand again to get a new non-B visa at a Thai Embassy overseas. His employer needs to get a new work permit approval letter (WP.3) from the Department of Employment, the Ministry of Labor, again and send it to him together with the supporting documents for new non-B visa application.

However, during the COVID-19 era, the Ministry of Labor may be lenient and a new work permit may be issued and the expat can extend his non-B visa again. This may work but it still depends on the work permit officials. With all the circumstances surrounding this type of case, the best option is for the expat to come back to Thailand soon and after he gets cleared from Covid-19, he may be able to get a new work permit from the Ministry of Labor.

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