Work Permit for a Dormant Company

How to get a work permit for a dormant company’s foreign employees? Some companies have not had staff and business activities for some time and they want to start their operation again. If their authorized director is an expat, he will need a work permit. For a dormant company, it is possible to get a Thailand work permit. However, it needs to have been filing its audited financial statements until the latest year.

Our client asked how to get a work permit for a dormant company. Because currently they do not have employees, they want to know how long the Thai staff need to be employed before applying for a work permit. The answer is the company can write a letter explaining that it has just restarted its business. It should say why it does not have employees yet and that it plans to hire employees right away.

The client also asked if the company has to have any business transactions before applying for a work permit. This issue should also be addressed in the letter that the director needs a work permit first before working on restarting the business, recruiting employees and talking to clients.

Now, upon your entry on a Non-B visa, you will have 90 days permit to stay in Thailand. You should try to get your work permit at the start of the 90 day period. When you go extend your permit of stay to one year at the Immigration Bureau, you need to show the employees’ withholding tax returns of the latest 3 months, showing at least 4 Thai employees to each work permit holder. Thus this is the answer of how long you should have Thai staff because you extend your Non-B visa.

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